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Maggie and Matt

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Our Story

Maggie and Matt met during orientation for their MBA program at the University of Michigan in August 2019. They got to know one another over the course of the semester as they were both in Section 3 and took all of their core classes together. The semester culminated in an epic holiday party, after which Maggie and Matt shared their first kiss. They kept in touch over winter break and began dating upon their return to Ann Arbor in 2020.

The couple traveled to Belize for a class spring break trip in March, unaware that this would be a last hurrah before the pandemic began. While the pandemic was a difficult time for many reasons, Maggie and Matt had the opportunity to really get to know one another, spending lots of nights in at Matt's apartment drinking wine and discovering one of their favorite hobbies - making pizza!

They graduated from Michigan in spring 2021 and celebrated with a trip to Croatia. Upon returning, Maggie and Matt moved into their new apartment in Old Town, Chicago. They have enjoyed their time in the city, exploring museums, biking the lakefront trail, trying new restaurants. and hosting visiting friends and family members. The couple moved to Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood in 2022.

Shortly after their three-year anniversary in March 2023, Matt made a reservation at the first restaurant they ever ate at after moving to Chicago, Gussie's Handmade Italian. Before dinner Matt took Maggie for a walk in nearby Lincoln Park. Overlooking the water, with the Chicago skyline as the backdrop, Matt asked Maggie to marry him. She immediately and excitedly said yes!